The technology at SoundTech can be applied across various categories of print and other products. SoundTech’s SenseXplore technology helps create truly unique products, ranging from integrating sound, light, video modules into various products, to proving turn key marketing solutions.

Take a look below at our three main areas of application:


In todays crowded and commoditised retail marketplace consumers are always looking for something a bit different.  Why not consider working with SoundTech’s creative team to turn something ordinary into something unique.

Promotional Media (B2B)

SoundTech solutions enable attention-grabbing printed media with creative lighting effects, integrated video messaging, sound files, motion and interaction to convey humor, passion, enthusiasm, emotion and emphasis and engage the recipient in a way that simple text cannot!


Turn your package into a communication platform with integration of a SoundTech solution: by using light, audio, video or a combination of electronics we can custom fit a solution to match your package requirements!