In todays crowded retail marketplace consumers are always looking for something a bit different. Why not consider working with SoundTech’s creative team to turn ordinary packaging into something unique and make it stand out from the competition on the shelf.  For example our innovative interactive audio modules can make a cereal package into a neat promotional game or our fiber-optic lighting solutions can turn a cosmetics or luxury beverage package into an eye catching star lit sky.  Integration of sound can also be used to enhance brand by having iconic ‘jingles’ play when a package is opened, recordable modules can be used to enable gift packaging to be personalised, or sound can even be used to deliver important dosage / safety information on medical packaging to help patients who may be partially sighted.

Talk to our team to see if we can help add impact, value and consumer appeal to your packaging. Our solutions are suitable for:

  • Promotional Retail Packaging
  • Confectionary
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Luxury Goods (Cosmetics, Beverages, Jewelry)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Gift Boxes
  • Media (DVD, Blu-ray, Music and Game Special Editions)