Who We Are

Soundtech Manufacturing Company produces Micro-Electronic Mechanisms (commonly known as “Sound Chips”) used in Greetings and Promotional products – such as Sound Cards, Sound Badges / Buttons, Sound Mailers and Mugs. The application of these mechanisms to finished products is infinite and limited only by the imagination. Some of these applications include audio greeting cards, recordable greeting cards, audio direct mail, video cards, and more.

We are based in Hong Kong, and our manufacturing base is located in Dongguan, China. Apart from manufacturing high volume, low cost micro-electronic mechanisms, we specialise in their application to paper mechanics and other 3 dimensional gift products.

SoundTech is run by experts in this industry, with nearly 30 years of experience in micro electronics application to greeting cards and related products. The owners of the group have been innovators in this niche card and gift market since the appearance of the very first musical cards in the early ‘80s. The group has designed and manufactured electronic mechanisms for some of the world’s top brands.

    Our Mission Statement

    • To provide excellence in product and service.

    • Innovation in products and working practices.

    • To build mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers and customers.

    • To protect customer confidentiality.

    • Employee welfare.

    • To protect the environment.

    Company History

    2015 – Relocate to a new production facilities with dust-free production environment and capability upgrade.

    2012 – Achieved ICTI CARE.

    2011 – Installation of Plastic Injection Molding.

    2010 – XRF lead control device installed.

    2010 – Achieved ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

    2009 – Became a Certified Quality Supplier for a major publisher / customer.

    2009 – Achieved GSV (Global Security Verification).

    2009 – The Lean Process begins with purchase of new SMT & auto hot melt folding machines.

    2008 – Became SEDEX Level B Members.

    2008 – SoundTech becomes green! Initiates Low-lead production.

    2007 – Moved to more advanced bonding SMT machines / plug n place technologies.

    2006 – Transition & consolidation of SoundTech Shenzhen two factories under one roof in Dongguan.

    2005 – Expansion of SoundTech Shenzhen production facilities to two factories.

    2004 – SoundTech Shenzhen transited from workshop to factory.

    2000 – SoundTech Shenzhen established in a form of workshop.

    1999 – SoundTech Hong Kong established.