Service Flow Chart

  • Preliminary Concept Stage

    Your requirements and expectations are discussed with our sales team, and we come up with the preliminary design and concept for the desired product application.

  • Solution Development

    Our product design team in collaboration with our engineering experts, will work with you to create commercially viable and exciting solutions. At this stage, the electronic component and final packaging are developed. We employ our unique SenseXplore product design approach which identifies the ways a consumer’s senses can be stirred with innovative products. We also configure mass production feasibility and calculate the preliminary cost here.

  • Approval Stage

    On approval of the design from the client, we create the desired prototype. Once the prototype is approved and the order is confirmed, the schedule is made for the pilot production (if necessary), followed by mass production.

  • Production

    Post all approvals, we proceed with the mass production at our China based manufacturing unit. Throughout the above process, there are several quality control checks that we administer to ensure the best quality for our customers.

  • Distribution/ Logistics

    We can also arrange efficient and cost effective delivery of products internationally.