Promotional Media (B2B)

On a daily basis we are bombarded with marketing and advertising materials and despite digital media playing a big part in our lives the impact and importance of printed media is actual just as strong as ever.  Marketing, Advertising and Creative professionals therefore need to be increasingly aware of the power of ‘Sensory Marketing’.  Creating material that stands out within the sea of communication and engages multiple senses to deliver maximum impact and recall of the marketing message.  Whenever a really creative and innovative campaign emerges it’s success is in part due to the fact that the consumer replays and shares and the material with their colleagues, family and friends.

SoundTech solutions enable attention-grabbing printed media with creative lighting effects, integrated video messaging, sound files (both voice and music), motion and interaction to convey humor, passion, enthusiasm, emotion and emphasis and engage the recipient in a way that simple text cannot.

Talk to our team to see if we can help give a new lease of life to products by adding value, impact and consumer appeal. Our solutions are suitable for:

  • Direct Mailers
  • Publication / Magazine Inserts
  • POS / POP Displays
  • Corporate Greeting Cards and Gifts
  • Video Brochures / Mailers
  • Audio / Video Business Cards
  • Promotional Media
  • Training / Special Event Media